Vibropressing line Emfa

Vibropressing line Emfa

Placement on existing installations

  •      Installation on existing systems without changing the production process of stripping.
  •      Block locking with eccentrics in each mold filling cycle
  •      Coordination of the automatic machine of Empha with existing installation
  •      Available equipment: portal bridge demolition, vibrating tables, curing chamber

Fast and high-quality concrete filling

  •      Cycle filling, vibration and molding: 3 min 30 s
  •      The maximum size of the mold: 2600 × 1500 × 300 mm
  •      Filling the form with a measuring box and scrapers in front and behind
  •      Drawer moveable surface for good sealing and safe access

Ergonomic working conditions

  •      Number of operators for filling and forming: 1 person
  •      Ergonomic and safe access to the mold
  •      The remaining manual operations: installation of valves and lubrication of molds

Minimal equipment cleaning due to the design of the scrapers and the system for keeping the spreading of concrete. Automatic request of concrete to the control unit line and adjust the level of concrete in the bunker.


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