Uni-Versa vibropressing line

Uni-Versa vibropressing line

The ability to produce a wide range of products:

  •     Product height from 40 to 750 mm.
  •     The maximum size of products: 1250 × 1250 mm.
  •     Maximum weight of products: 800 kg.

Production of small and large batches

  •      The number of products per hour: from 5 to 60 pieces.
  •      Vertical stripping or demoulding with the possibility of turning.
  •      Mold replacement in less than an hour
  •      Replacing the mold filling system in less than an hour
  •      Cleaning the workplace in approximately 45 minutes

Accessories and additional. options to improve product quality

  •      Vibrotable OMOCRONOS with adjustable frequency and aplituda on 4 vibrators.
  •      Filling the molds using a conveyor belt or distribution box.
  •      Vibrators on the press.
  •      The second box for products with two layers of concrete.
  •      Hydraulics with variable pressure.


Order a mold

Options Indicators
Product size - height 40–750 mm
Product size - dimensions 1250×1250 mm
Maximum product weight 800 kg
Maximum form weight 1000 kg
Estimated cycle time 60–300 sec
Table size 1400×1400×15 mm
Hopper capacity 1,5 m³
Bunker height 4330 mm
Max. vibration force 64 кН
Speed 0–4200 rev / minit
Vibration power 6,4 kW
Main hydraulics power 15+11 kW
Total installed powerь 35 kW