Batching plant completely designed and manufactured by Mixon srl in accordance with the regulations in force.

3D software which uses the FEM application (Finite Element Method), one of the most important numerical techniques used in structural engineering for the solution of problems.


Order a mold

Steel structures hot deep galvanixed

Aggregates storage bins with Bolted and interchangeable containing walls

Double extraction gates each aggregates bins

Aluminum ant-sleep installed on maintenance floors

Pneumatic plants and devices protected from dust and weathering

Plants model Production (*) Aggregates storage Mixer Tipe of mixer
RPE 45 45 (m3/h) Min.4x15 / Max.8x653 2000/1150 Twin Shaft
RPE 65 65 (3/h) Min.4x15 / Max.8x653 2250/1650 Twin Shaft
RPE 90 90 (3/h) Min.4x15 / Max.8x653 3000/2250 Twin Shaft
RPE 100 100 (3/h) Min.4x15 / Max.8x653 3750/2500 Twin Shaft
RPE 120 120 (3/h) Min.4x15 / Max.8x653 4500/3000 Twin Shaft