Concrete mixers

Concrete mixers

Croci mixers with counter-rotating case allows to obtain concretes for the production of all types of concrete, including prestressed. Due to the special kinematics of rotation homogeneity of the mixture is achieved in record time. Since the reducer is connected to the motor shaft with wedge-shaped belts, in the case of blocking the blades (when foreign objects enter the mixer, for example), the belts are torn, which ensures the safety of the reducer. The reducer of the planetary mechanism is made with a large margin of safety, which is provided by its simple kinematics due to the rotating body of the mixer. The area of surfaces subject to wear is reduced to a minimum, which also allowed to achieve a minimum power consumption.


Order a mold

Volume, l The volume of concrete, m 3 Power consumption, kW Number of blade groups
500 0,333 12,6 1
750 0,5 17,6 1
1000 0,667 23,6 1
1500 1 41,6 1
2250 1,5 64,6 2
3000 2 86,6 3

Depending on the size of the mixer, one or more groups of blades are installed while the scraper carries the solution from the walls of the housing to the blades. They move the solution to the hydraulic gate in the center of the bottom of the housing through which the concrete is discharged. In a large mixer Croci has extra moving blade accelerating the unloading of the concrete. The humidity sensor of the Krochi mixer (resistive or microwave), installed in its housing, has a high accuracy due to constant contact with the mixed solution, which allows you to maintain humidity within the specified limits. All mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components used in the mixer are supplied by leading manufacturers and carefully selected, which increases the durability of the mixer.